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We Support The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project

WhyteWing.com supports The Trevor Project with a portion of every sale made on this website. We are happy to be able to contribute in whatever measure we can to protect LGBTQIA+ youth. This is a population so young and so vulnerable that most can’t even defend themselves with their own vote yet.

With many thanks the the Wiki Community, this is the Trevor Project origin story:

1994 Academy Award–winning short film Trevor is a dramedy about Trevor, a gay thirteen-year-old boy who, when rejected by friends because of his sexuality, makes an attempt to take his life. When the film was scheduled to air on HBO television in 1998, the filmmakers realized that some of the program’s young viewers might be facing the same kind of crisis as Trevor, and began to search for a support line to be broadcast during the airing. They discovered that no such helpline existed, and decided to dedicate themselves to forming the resource: an organization to promote acceptance of LGBTQ youth, and to aid in crisis and suicide prevention among that group.

The Trevor Lifeline was established with seed funds provided by The Colin Higgins Foundation and HBO’s license fee. As a result, it became the first nationwide, around-the-clock crisis and suicide prevention helpline for LGBTQ youth. The project also provides online support to young people through the project’s website, as well as guidance and resources to educators and parents.

WhyteWing Contributions

A percentage (currently 8%) of each sale made on WhyteWing.com will be donated to The Trevor Project. Once per quarter (every 3 months), we will make the donation using The Trevor Project website donation page. The plan is to make a TikTok and/or YouTube video of the donation process so our customers can see the confirmation and feel secure that their support is actually reaching the community they want to help.

At the moment, we have many people using the links we provide to click through and make their purchase on Etsy. You are welcome to continue to do that if you’re more comfortable making your purchase on Etsy, but those sales will NOT generate donations for The Trevor Project. Only purchases made here on WhyteWing.com generate the donation.

Our reason for choosing to donate through WhyteWing.com is twofold. Obviously, we’re proud of our website and we want to encourage people to stay here to make their purchase. Hopefully, knowing that the same percentage that normally goes to Etsy for fees and commissions will go to The Trevor Project instead will be a powerful motivator to stay, and perhaps to come visit us again!

By choosing to donate through WhyteWing.com, but keeping the link to Etsy in each listing, anyone who prefers not to benefit LGBTQIA+ youth is free to follow the link to Etsy. The same items are available in our shop there.

It has taken a while to be able to post this blog (website learning curve) and even though it’s late, we want to say: From the bottom of our hearts and the top of our voices, WhyteWing wishes you Happy Pride, and the joy of every day to come!